{3-7-16} Booking Mini Sessions!

imageEaster falls 1-2 days after these mini’s, please don’t let that stop you from booking! A beautiful Spring family photo is always in order!

Grab Grandma! Grab mom and dad! Whoever is special to you. Or of course forget the relatives and just make it about your family. Grab the kids & a pet and come out and get a deal on this session!

Just $60! 3 slots are left! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ™ƒ

Contact me today!

{1-21-16} Invest in YOUR Family.

The most important thing to ever invest in IS your family. I challenge you… Continue reading

{6-5-14} Chas and Heather’s beautiful catamaran wedding!

I was approached by two other brides doing a boat wedding, but I failed to lock them in. Sad. I know. So when I found out Heather and Chas loved their engagement photos and wanted to book me for their catamaran wedding I was thrilled. YAY!

Heather and Chas used Sail Wild Hearts out in Perdido Key for their wedding ceremony. They are great people and a great investment if you are looking to sail the sea when you say I do.

I arrived at the dock right before lunch time. It was foggy that morning and was just started to clear up.ย Iย patiently waited for the bride to arrive. While waiting I captured a few of Heather and Chas’s first guests. (Pictured below) As well as the beautiful dock and catamaran.


The girls arrived and we got to it! They were naturals in front of the lens. And I enjoyed capturing them! When the girls finished Heather hid behind a blue sheet while I captured the guys before the ceremony had to begin. The guys of course needed more direction in front of the camera, but did very well!

Before I knew it we were ready to begin. The guys were on the catamaran and were patiently looking down the dock for the brides first look. Each bridesmaid walked down with a smile and gorgeous.

Finally it was Heathers turn. She starting walking and the closer she got I think the more water filled in the grooms eyes. He was very emotional and it was just beautiful at how you can feel how much he loved his soon to be wife. Heather walked onto the catamaran and I followed behind. Sail Wild Hearts crew was quick at work to leave the dock. Heather stood about 5-6 ft from her groom and their song continued to play as Chas stood their with tears looking at his bride. They shared many smiles and you could just tell how ready they were for this moment in their life to start.

The sail went up and it was time for the ceremony to begin. Heather joined Chas and Pastor Jeff. The Pastor delivered a beautiful ceremony for them as we sailed around.

I think everyone had an amazing time. The sun was bright! And was sure to give everyone a little present. I had a sunburn that lasted what felt like weeks afterwards! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Heather and Chas had their reception at Johnsons Beach. And the highlight of the reception was surely the cake in the face! Of course Heather got him back. The grooms are always quick to get their bride, but the bride always seeks revenge!






It’s June already! AH!

So I am getting behind on my blog posting and I am aware… One coming your way soon! This blog posting is more for me than anything. I enjoy it though. Time is my biggest issue right now. Next post in line is going to be about Chas and Heather’s awesome amazing fantastic beautiful sunny wedding day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

{5-16-14} B.J’s Family

I felt guilty tonight because it’s been too long since I made a post. Now I committed to keeping up with this blog so I guess I need to step up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And please forgive me if I have grammar & spelling errors I am definitely quite tired!

So a few weeks ago I met this nothing less than adorable family in Grayton Beach. They all were as sweet as can be. Two different families with a total of four children and mom! It is always a blessing to meet new faces! I love meeting families visiting the beautiful Gulf Coast!

We started off the beach and went towards a trail with gorgeous trees and a piece of driftwood. We did a little monkeying around then headed towards the beach to catch the sunset…well, what wasn’t hiding behind the clouds!

It’s always a challenge for me to capture big families with children because it is completely hard getting all the attention from multiple children at once! You’d think I would have it down being I have 7 children, but nope this one was a struggle and is a struggle with even my own. The children got comfortable though and I think it all worked out.

We took great family shots candid and posed. And at the end the kids got to play in the water! ALWAYS FUN!




God bless you always,